Johannesburg - All top students from Horizon Education Trust schools believe their teachers are the actual top achievers because “these dedicated educators” made the 2022 Matric Class excel.

Matriculant Oratile Magoro, who received six As at Star College in Pretoria, calls his teachers the “VIPs”, as he believes the educators did not just teach them, but prepared them to excel in their studies.

“They are very important people (VIPs) who always commit to ensuring each learner receives quality education in a safe and comfortable environment. I did not only learn interesting lessons in science and commercial subjects, I also learnt valuable lessons of humanity and compassion, which helped me grow into a better person. Star College PTA is not just bricks and concrete; it is a home away from home,” Magoro says.

Star College Pretoria is among several schools under the Horizon Educational Trust, whose schools combined again achieved a 100% pass rate for the past 16 years. With a total of 308 pupils, it produced a total of 739 distinction passes, of which 92.75% are bachelor passes, one of the highest in the private schooling system in South Africa.

Star College Durban’s top achiever, Shivaak Singh, got eight As in English, Afrikaans, maths, life orientation, accounting, life science, physical science and religious studies, scored 93.13% in the aggregate, and helped place KwaZulu-Natal fifth in province. For Singh, Star College has been the foundation of his education since he started there in Grade 4.

“Every teacher through every grade played an integral role in my development. From the fun math camps in primary school to the challenging international science olympiads in high school, I was always inspired and encouraged to give my best. I am grateful to have been part of Star College, an environment that sought not only academic excellence, but the values of commitment, integrity and accountability,” Singh says.

Phakamile Ncokazi, from Star College Pretoria, who received 7 As in matric, says he got the results he was proud of by preparing as early as possible for his exams, doing countless past papers, and also setting priorities for his exams throughout the entire exam duration.

“But I could not have done it without the support of the excellent educators at Star College. They were always available to assist us and give advice both inside and outside the classroom; they motivated us to achieve peak performance in our academics,” he says.

“I’d like to thank the Horizon Educational Trust for providing students with academically focused facilities that allow them to receive exceptional education. Their contributions were instrumental in realising my potential,” said Ncokazi.

One of the recipients of the Horizon bursary, Nito Sibisi, from Horizon High School, got five As and was so grateful to Horizon for opening the doors into the future for him.

“I have been fortunate enough to receive a bursary from Horizon, which has changed my entire high school experience. I constantly was surrounded by exceptional students and that motivated me to dedicate time and effort into my school work.

“My matric year was great despite minor challenges. I would not have been able to achieve such results without the assistance of the Horizon educators, my mentors and my fellow peers, whom I consider to be my brothers,” Sibisi says.

Kgomotso Shoke, also from Horizon High, who got eight As, was overwhelmed by his achievement. “Our Grade 12 year had more work than our previous years at school, but we were able to power through. Our school and the brotherhood we all formed allowed us to work hard with plenty of support and have just as much fun. Congratulations to Horizon’s Class of 2022,” Shoke says as a last word to her fellow students.

Boaz Lutumba, another Horizon High exceller, received eight As in matric at Horizon High in 2022, a year he believes was an “unforgettable experience”.

He said despite many challenges that occurred throughout the year, encouragement from his friends and family, as well as the faith of his teachers, motivated him to continue on his tumultuous journey.

“They believed we all could accomplish our goals, and they encouraged and guided us towards our intended end. They were not slack with providing us with resources, yet they were also considerate and understanding when we needed a break. Many sacrifices were made by parents, educators and even students to get this far."

Tanweer Alli, from Star College Bridgetown in Cape Town, was brilliant throughout and was proud of his eight As. He, like others, believes that every teacher played their role with zeal and were always supportive of him.

“This has become my second home, and every staff member has become like family. They definitely push you to your limits and encourage you to reach for the stars, hence the name ‘Star College’ which is well suited,” Allie says.

“I have achieved the results I aspired for, and I am extremely happy. Star College made the journey a special one,” he adds.

Nejdet Demirtaş, who achieved 8 As from Star College Bridgetown, says: “Many thanks to God Almighty, my family and of course all my teachers. From the time I began my schooling career and even now, they continue to inspire and motivate me to achieve all of my goals.”

The young man gave some advice to future matriculants. “It’s not a question of intelligence; everyone has intelligence; it’s a question of motivation to use that intelligence to gain success. It’s not about how long you study; it’s about how efficiently you study. Many of us matriculants studied daily and still had time to do sports and other things we enjoyed. Be motivated to achieve great results. Be motivated to study. Work as much as you can and relax when you need to,” Demirtaş says.

Star College Bridgetown principal, Ugur Hulusi Patli, says: “Year in and year out, Bridgewood proved that hard work and dedication bring outstanding results.

“Since 2003, we have achieved a 100% pass rate. The academic year 2022 was no different, with our Grade 12 learners achieving a 100% pass rate and 91.67% bachelor’s passes. An average of 3.25 A aggregates were achieved.”

“Our top student of 2022, Mahdi Da Costa, achieved 10As with 100% in maths. This outstanding achievement by our matriculants is the culmination of effort from not only our learners, but also our team of dedicated teachers and supportive parents, who guided our boys throughout their schooling years. These results have enabled us to be the best private boys’ school in South Africa. To say we are proud is an understatement,” Patli says.

Ebrahim Muhsin
The Star

The Horizon Educational Trust celebrates another year of excellent matric results with the release of the 2022 IEB Matric results on 18 January 2022 and GDE Matric Results on 20 January 2022. Once again, the Horizon Educational Trust has achieved a 100% pass rate across its eight educational institutions based in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth. A total of 308 students sat the exams in 2022, achieving a 92,75% Bachelor pass and 740 distinctions.

Transformational in intention, the Horizon Educational Trust has played a vital role in developing South African youth by providing quality education and opportunities for academic excellence and social mobility to students from underprivileged backgrounds. The Trust provides scholarships to academically deserving students who do not have the financial means to receive a quality education. Thus not only empowering students through education but also providing them with the tools and resources necessary to succeed in life.

The Horizon Educational Trust strives towards excellence in Mathematics, Physical Science, and Computer education, and through their vision and dedication, the schools started producing excellent matric results, particularly in these subjects. This year was no different, with 127 awarded distinctions in Mathematics, with one learner achieving 100%. Seventeen students graduated from AP Maths with distinction. In Physical Science, 101 distinctions were achieved, and in Life Sciences: 36 distinctions.

The Trust’s consistently high results and excellent teaching standards results in their students being accepted into the Medical, Engineering, IT, Actuarial Science, and Accounting fields. A 100% Matric pass rate has become a tradition for Horizon Educational Trust’s schools, along with a significantly high bachelor pass rate and an enviable ratio of 2,9 distinctions per learner. The majority of their alumni receive acceptance to study in t South Africa’s most prestigious universities.

Horizon Education Trust thanks to both the commitment of dedicated staff and parent collaboration and the hard work and resilience of the students.Well done.


Matric Results are as follows.

Star College Durban

Star College Capetown

Star College Bridgetown

Star College Pretoria

Horizon High School Johannesburg

We congratulate the class of 2021! You have once again proven that with hard work you can achieve endless success. Horizon Educational Trust congratulates all our Matrics of 2021 for attaining 99% pass rate, 100% tertiary endorsement and 89% Bachelor rate.

Horizon Educational Trust is so incredibly proud of each of students. We would like to extend our congratulations to students parents and families. A heartfelt thank you to our dedicated and passionate educators and the rest of the Star College and Star Academy community for your endless support and, encouragement.

All Star Colleges have consistently produced outstanding achievement in the matric examinations. Star Colleges have been serving selflessly for the young generation of this beautiful country.

To Star Colleges, your hard work and dedication have been a source of hope for the educational fraternity. Please keep up your great work and continue rising and raising responsible citizens for our society. Explore beyond the horizon...

Some Star College Schools Results

Star College Durban
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