Horizon Educational Trust’s schools adopt a HOLISTIC APPROACH where each learner’s talents, needs and interests are recognised and encouraged so that they can realize their true potential.


Horizon Educational Trust’s Schools offer high QUALITY EDUCATION with the latest available teaching methods, appropriate facilities, equipment and infrastructure to enrich the learning experience of our students.


Horizon Educational Trust’s schools also practice a set of UNIVERSAL VALUES that will build the character of the learners. Through imparting these values it is aimed to help Learners to become respectable and distinguished members of society.
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Testimonials From Our Graduates

  • Boaz Lutumba 8A: My year as a grade 12 student in Horizon High was an unforgettable experience. It was met with many challenges right from the beginning and they never showed any signs of it's end. But what helped me to reach the destination of that tumultuous journey was not only my friends and family spurring me on, but also the faith my teachers had in me. They believed we all could accomplish our goals, and they encouraged and guided us towards our intended end. They were not slack with providing us with resources, yet they were also considerate and understanding when we needed a break. Many sacrifices were made from parents, educators and even students, to get this far. And these are the things I for one, will look back at and be forever grateful for. It isn't easy, but with the right attitude towards your goal, and the people that surround you, you'll have a blast!

    Boaz Lutumba

    8A in Matric (Horizon High School)
  • Of all the educational institutions I have attended, Star College is the only one in which educators strive to have interpersonal relationships with all the students. Educators emanate a friendly and conversational attitude as well as a strict and firm one when needed. This education strategy allows students to learn in a positive, fun-filled environment, whilst they are being pushed to their academic limits. I believe that due to the brilliant execution of this strategy, all the students - not just the top learners - have made astounding accomplishments attributed to their full, academic potential.

    Dinal Bhoola

    Placed 4th at Star College Durban
  • My School and my teachers have played a crucial role in my achievement. The education and knowledge I received in the classroom provided me with the foundation I needed to succeed in my matric year. My teachers not only taught me the necessary content, but also instilled in me a love of learning and a strong work ethic. They provided guidance and support, and pushed me to reach my full potential. Their dedication and passion for teaching was truly inspiring and I am grateful for the positive impact they had on my studies. Without the education and support I received from my school and teachers, I would not have achieved this level of success in my final examinations.

    Uwaiz Adam

    Placed 3rd at Star College Durban
  • It is an absolute honour to have spent the last five years in Star College. Notwithstanding the formidable challenges we faced over the last few years , Star ensured that we students all attained 'excellence in education' . I owe much gratitude to my dedicated teachers who have gone out of their way to ensure our success .I can safely say that there was never a time where we felt alone.Thank you to Star College and congratulations to the class of 2022✨ . Our hard work has finally paid off!

    Tiara Jasmin Chetty

    Placed 2nd at Star College Durban
  • I believe that the school was an integral part of my success. My teachers pushed me above and beyond my capabilities and I am evermore grateful for all the support I received from the school.

    Hanzalah Razzaq

    6A in matric (Horizon High School)
  • My time at Horizon High School has been an unforgettable journey of memories, laughter, and personal growth. I have formed friendships that will last a lifetime and learned valuable lessons that will stay with me forever. As a member of the matric class of 2022, I am incredibly grateful for the dedication and passion of our teachers. Their unwavering support and guidance have not only helped me excel academically, but also taught me the importance of perseverance and the power of following my dreams. Thank you, Horizon High School, for the experiences and opportunities you've given me. I will always look back on my time here with fondness and gratitude.Dachin Mohan 8A (Horizon High School)

    Dachin Mohan

    8A in Matric (Horizon High School)
  • I would like to thank the teachers for all of their support during the 2022 academic year. I appreciate their efforts and guidance to aid me in achieving my results. Thank you for providing a positive, supportive and motivating learning environment. I really appreciate everything that the educators, supporting staff and administration have done for me throughout my high school years.

    Derushka Naidoo

    Placed 5th at Star College Durban
  • Kgomotso Shoke 8A: Our grade 12 year had more work than our previous years at school, but we were able to power through. Our school and the brotherhood we all formed allowed us to work hard with plenty support, and have just as much fun. Congratulations to Horizon's class of 2022.

    Kgomotso Shoke

    8A in Matric
    (Horizon High School)
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