About Us

Horizon Educational Trust (HET) was founded in Johannesburg in 1998 and has significant and extensive roles in the educational, cultural and social field in South Africa.

Horizon Educational Trust’s schools are INDEPENDENT SCHOOLs offering pre-primary, primary and high school facilities.

HET’s 1st project was Star College in Cape Town in 1999 and the 2nd project was Horizon High School in Johannesburg in 2000. In 2002, Horizon Educational Trust declared its Third school in Durban as Star College. In 2012, Horizon Educational Trust opened its Fourth school in Pretoria as Star College.

Horizon Educational Trust is committed to the goals of empowerment and providing learners, especially from historically disadvantaged backgrounds, an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a holistic and high standard education in a free and democratic South Africa. In this respect, HET’s schools have indeed is a “home for all” where sound values, quality education, world class facilities and a caring environment is germane to the learning experience.

Currently, Horizon Educational Trust has SCHOOLS in Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban.

Horizon Educational Trust also has TUITION CENTRES in Polokwane and Johannesburg.

Horizon Educational Trust’s schools adopt a HOLISTIC APPROACH where each learner’s talents, needs and interests are recognised and encouraged so that they can realize their true potential.

Horizon Educational Trust’s Schools offer high QUALITY EDUCATION with the latest available teaching methods, appropriate facilities, equipment and infrastructure to enrich the learning experience of our students.

Horizon Educational Trust’s schools also practice a set of UNIVERSAL VALUES that will build the character of the learners. Through imparting these values it is aimed to help Learners to become respectable and distinguished members of society.
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